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  • JUMPSTART YOUR SPANISH (www.jumpstart your this is the fastest starter Spanish program you will ever find. If you have never studied Spanish before or even if you did but you cannot put two phrases together, JUMPSTART YOUR SPANISH is the program for you. Just follow the program to the T, and in as little as 30 to 49 days, you will be able to speak basic conversational Spanish confidently and without hesitation. Even better, you will be able to understand fast-paced conversational Spanish too! (Find out more)



  • THE SPANISH SUBJUNCTIVE VIDEO PROGRAM ( The Spanish Subjunctive is, by far, the hardest topic in Spanish grammar. It’s rare to find a student and even a teacher with a clear understanding of all the uses and nuances of the subjunctive in real situations.

    Why? Well, the problem happens at 3 levels:

    #1: BOOKS:
    It’s such a complex topic that in an effort to help the learner, most grammar books choose only a part of the subjunctive to focus on. For that reason, even when the students have worked hard on the topic, they always find more exceptions than rules. Yes! Most books and programs show an incomplete picture of the Spanish subjunctive.

    #2 TEACHERS:
    Most Spanish teachers do not understand the subjunctive themselves. Those who are native Spanish speakers use it right, just because it’s their native language. It sounds right to them, but most can’t tell you for certain why they have to use the subjunctive or not in each situation. And it gets worse for those who are non-native Spanish teachers. Most fail to use it correctly, and let alone know why.

    The problem for most learners begins when they have to study the Spanish subjunctive in class. They learn from incomplete materials, taught by teachers who have no clue about the complexity of the topic they are teaching. So even if they do their best and work like never before, they are bound to fail. Sooner or later they come to think that there are more exceptions than rules and that nothing works the way it’s supposed to be.

    Well, the good news is that once you see the whole picture (and not just a tiny part as most programs show), the Spanish subjunctive is as predictable as saying that 1+1 is 2.
    (More information about the Spanish Subjunctive)